Advocate. Educate. Facilitate.


Advocating clear, consistent, and efficient implementation of government regulations and industry standards


Educating our membership, regulatory agencies and healthcare professionals


Providing regulatory professionals a forum to collaborate and communicate

OSMA's mission is to facilitate the timely availability of quality orthopedic technologies

We are one of the oldest trade associations devoted to the manufacture of medical devices used in orthopedic surgical procedures.

Upcoming Meetings

Spring 2021

Bob bowie t Z Uq9 YPK Euo unsplash
Virtual Spring Meeting - *Registration Fee Waived*
April 20 & 21

FDA Speakers from CDRH OHT6, OPEQ, OSEL, Digital Health

Summer 2021

Allie Kz Usq BRU0 T4 unsplash
Summer 2021 Virtual Meeting
July 21 & 22

*If you would like additional information about an upcoming meeting, please contact us.

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