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OSMA: The pioneer association of orthopaedic surgical manufacturers

The Orthopaedic Surgical Manufacturers Association (OSMA) is a nonprofit organization composed exclusively of manufacturers specializing in orthopaedic surgical appliances, implants, instruments, equipment, and orthobiologics. Since its establishment in 1954, OSMA has remained actively engaged in shaping industry standards and regulatory guidelines surrounding orthopaedic devices. We are dedicated to educating our members on regulatory affairs and providing a platform for regulatory professionals to connect, communicate, and collaborate with global regulatory agencies and healthcare experts.

OSMA's Vision

Our vision is to enhance the implementation of global regulations and foster productive interactions for the benefit of patients, industry and regulators. We are committed to creating an environment where cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, and transformative ideas converge to enhance patient care.

OSMA's Mission

We strive to achieve our vision through the following strategic directives:


Advocating clear, consistent, and efficient implementation of government regulations and industry standards.


Educating our stakeholders through hosting interactive educational programs with subject matter experts.


Fostering collaboration between industry, regulatory authorities, and other members of the orthopaedic ecosystem.

OSMA's member companies

Our members are the driving force behind the organization’s mission. These respected manufacturers play a crucial role in shaping the future of orthopaedic surgery.