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Redefining the orthopaedic landscape with orthopaedic expertise and passion

Join OSMA, where innovation, collaboration, and excellence in orthopaedic surgery thrive. We look forward to welcoming you into our dynamic community dedicated to shaping the future of orthopaedic surgical solutions. Together, we’re creating a healthier world through innovation and expertise.

What to expect as an OSMA member

OSMA offers different opportunities for member companies to collaborate with industry stakeholders and regulators. We work collaboratively toward addressing matters that hold significance for our industry’s advancement and, ultimately, the well-being of patients. Here are some OSMA initiatives so you can find the one that best suits your professional role and interests.

Educational programs

OSMA’s educational programs are specifically designed to address topics of immediate relevance to our members. They offer exclusive chances for members to engage with special guests, including representatives from the FDA, notified bodies, and regulatory and industry experts from around the world. These meetings serve as an ongoing platform for fostering constructive discussions and dialogue between the industry and regulatory bodies.

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Business meetings

The business meetings provide OSMA members with a platform to engage in discussions about the organization’s ongoing initiatives, achievements, and the regulatory hurdles it faces. These sessions also feature updates from other professional organizations.

During the business meetings, our focus turns to Working Group updates, where we delve into the ongoing activities within our organization. We recognize notable achievements and tackle emerging regulatory challenges that impact our industry. We then strategize on the actions OSMA can take to address these issues effectively. Additionally, we include reports from meetings of other prominent professional organizations such as ASTM, ISO, AdvaMed, and the AAOS Orthopaedic Device Forum, offering a comprehensive view of industry developments and collaborations.

Working Groups

OSMA has established several dedicated working groups, each actively engaged in addressing critical issues that significantly affect our industry.

The following working groups are committed to advancing specific areas of concern, ensuring that our industry remains at the forefront of innovation and compliance:

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Membership qualifications

The following business entities are eligible for membership with OSMA:
Contract manufacturers, consultants, and individuals are not eligible for membership.

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