OAR: Orthopaedic Alliance Roundtable

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A dynamic group of clinicians, regulators, researchers and industry representatives working within the orthopaedic ecosystem

Our mission – foster education, communication and shared expertise to provide timely and innovative solutions to challenges impacting the delivery of safe and effective orthopaedic treatments to patients.

High-Level OAR Strategic Priorities

Establish OAR as a Provisionally Approved CDRH Collaborative Community
Expand Use of RWD/RWE in the Orthopaedic Space
Optimize Availability of Anti-Infective Solutions for Orthopaedic Patients
Promote Innovation in International Consensus and Standards
Address New Regulatory/ Policy Needs for Novel Orthopaedic Technologies
Foster a Spirit of Simplicity

What Is a Collaborative Community?

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A collaborative community is a continuing forum in which private- and public-sector members, which can include the FDA, work together on medical device challenges to achieve common objectives and outcomes. They are convened by interested stakeholders and may exist indefinitely, produce deliverables as needed, and tackle challenges with broad impacts. Collaborative communities may develop for a number of reasons, including when:

For more information: Fostering Collaborative Communities to Improve Patient Healthcare (FDA Voices, December 4, 2018)

Members of a Collaborative Community

Collaborative communities typically include diverse, relevant organizations and individuals impacted by a specific topic. For example, patients and care-partners, academics, health care professionals, payers, federal and state agencies, international regulatory bodies, and industry may be engaged as part of a collaborative community.
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Purpose of a Collaborative Community

Collaborative communities are equipped to perform activities such as:
The communities may also work to clarify ill-defined challenges or generate consensus on the definition and scope of the challenge which will aid in tailoring appropriate strategies to tackle those challenges. By leveraging the wide variety of resources, power and expertise of the community members, collaborative communities can help address challenges and opportunities related to medical devices.

Collaborative Communities Toolkit

The Collaborative Communities Toolkit is a collection of materials that could help prospective communities in their development and effective collaboration, so that they are adequately prepared to take on health care challenges. Each component of this toolkit could help members of both new and existing communities work with one another.
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