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Forging excellence in orthopaedic innovation

Experience the incredible benefits of OSMA membership and embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and influence. Being an OSMA member means opening doors to a world of opportunities and resources that can transform your role in the orthopaedic industry.

OSMA members enjoy exclusive benefits

OSMA membership offers a variety of advantages to help you stay up to date on the latest orthopaedic research and practice, connect with other professionals, and advocate for the orthopaedic community.

Here are some of the key benefits of OSMA membership:

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Get access to invitation-only meetings

OSMA member companies receive invitations to quarterly meetings. The spring and fall meetings are strategically located in the Washington, DC area to facilitate participation from FDA staff. Each of these quarterly gatherings spans two days: the first day is dedicated to an educational program, while the second day is reserved for OSMA’s business meeting. These meetings offer a valuable platform for industry members to remain well-informed about prevailing concerns and to establish a forum for discussing strategies and impactful initiatives that influence the regulatory landscape.

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Receive regulatory expertise and guidance

Tap into the collective regulatory expertise of OSMA members and regulatory professionals. Receive guidance and support to navigate complex regulatory landscapes, compliance challenges, and evolving requirements.

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Have the right resources in the palm of your hands

Stay informed and ahead of the curve with access to the latest industry insights, research, and educational resources. Benefit from specialized publications, reports, and updates that keep you in the know about orthopaedic advancements and regulatory developments.

Also, gain exclusive access to a wealth of educational materials, including webinars, workshops, and seminars, to sharpen your skills and expertise.

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Forge invaluable connections

OSMA offers unparalleled networking with peers, orthopaedic experts, healthcare professionals, and regulatory agencies through events, conferences, and forums.

Collaborate with fellow members to exchange knowledge, ideas, and best practices, fostering a robust professional network within the orthopaedic surgical community.

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Expand your influence and impact

Play an active role in shaping industry standards and regulations through OSMA’s advocacy efforts. Benefit from OSMA’s influential voice and representation in regulatory matters, ensuring your interests are heard and considered.

You can also join forces with like-minded industry leaders to drive innovation and progress in orthopaedic surgical solutions. OSMA provides various opportunities to participate in collaborative projects, task forces, and working groups that address critical challenges and advance the field.

OSMA members are vital players in the field of orthopaedics

Whether you are a manufacturer of orthopaedic surgical appliances, implants, instruments, equipment, or orthobiologics, OSMA is the place for you. Join our member companies in the mission to enhance patient care, shape industry standards, and drive innovation within the orthopaedic surgical field.