The Orthopaedic Surgical Manufacturers Association is a nonprofit organization whose membership consists solely of manufacturers of orthopedic surgical appliances, implants, instruments or equipment and orthobiologics. Since its inception in 1954, OSMA has continued to actively participate in standards and regulatory guideline development, educate our membership on regulatory matters and provide regulatory professionals a forum to collaborate, communicate, cooperate and interact with worldwide regulatory agencies and health care professionals on issues to improve the application of device law and promote collaborative interaction for appropriate regulation.

Standards Development

OSMA encourages development of national and international performance standards for biomaterials and medical devices.

Regulatory Education

OSMA is dedicated to furthering regulatory education of our members, healthcare professionals, the FDA and international regulatory agencies.


OSMA's purpose is: Collaborative Interaction for Appropriate Regulation.

OSMA Annual Report

Check out the latest OSMA Annual Report of the President to view previous quarterly meeting agendas and obtain further information about recent OSMA initiatives.

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Member Companies

OSMA Board of Directors

OSMA's Board of Directors consists of regulatory affairs professionals who work together to advance the mission of OSMA.

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OSMA Timeline


OSMA was formed by five companies – DePuy, OEC, Richards, Wright and Zimmer. The President of each company participated in discussions.


OSMA member companies helped form the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F-4 Committee to write standards for orthopedic devices.


OSMA focused on material standards and parternerd to address the screw head slots/screw driver incompatibility issue.

Member companies served as first industry reps to the newly formed FDA advisory panel to recommend classification of orthopedic devices.


OSMA shifted their focus from standards development to regulatory/compliance issues.


OSMA partners to assist with the pedicle screw litigation and focuses on strained communications with FDA.


OSMA participates in the newly established AAOS Orthopaedic Device Forum.


OSMA collaborates with the AAOS Forum Device Reclassification Efforts (total joint prostheses and PMMA bone cement).

2020 - present

OSMA reforms the Orthopaedic Device Forum as the Orthopaedic Alliance Roundtable, receives provisional approval as an FDA Collaborative Community.

OSMA History

OSMA is one of the oldest trade associations devoted to the manufacture of medical devices used in orthopedic surgical procedures.

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