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OSMA Fellows are recognized for their past contributions to OSMA and the orthopaedics industry

To earn the prestigious title of being an OSMA Fellow, an individual must be acknowledged for their exceptional contributions to both OSMA and the field of orthopaedics. OSMA Fellows may include individuals who have retired, work part time, or no longer work for an OSMA member company but have the time and desire to remain engaged with OSMA.

OSMA Fellows are selected by the OSMA Board of Directors and are considered non-voting members. They are also intended to continue their participation in advancing OSMA’s mission, vision, and strategic priorities.


By being an OSMA Fellow, you become part of the solution

OSMA Fellows are invited to attend quarterly meetings, which may fall into one of the following categories:

Educational Programs

Educational Programs focus on providing members with up-to-date information and insights on topics relevant to the orthopaedics industry …Read More

Business Meetings

These meetings focus on updates from various task forces, keeping you informed about the organization’s ongoing activities and progress …Read More

Working Groups

OSMA Working Groups are dedicated teams of volunteer members who tackle critical industry challenges head-on. These groups focus on a specific issue at a time, collaborating to develop …Read More

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Engaging with OSMA as a Fellow offers a rewarding partnership

Becoming an OSMA Fellow opens a door to exciting opportunities for collaboration and mutual benefit. As a fellow, you will enjoy access to the members’ website and are warmly invited to participate in OSMA in various ways: